Top 5 Bass Headphones for Recording 2017

Sometimes you really need to bring out the lows when recording or editing audio. Whether you are a hip-hop producer, drummer, bass player, or anything else, a good set of bass-heavy headphones is always a good addition to the collection. Below are five of the best we could find. To clarify, the headphones were not rated solely on the quality of the bass. They were graded on overall audio quality with a focus on the bass quality and presence.


V-MODA Crossfade LP2- $149.99

V-MODA has lost some popularity in recent years, but that doesn’t detract from the awesome audio that they have to offer. A few years ago, you couldn’t enter a recording studio without seeing a pair of these somewhere. as new editions come out, V-MODA adds on to the features and quality of the sound. The bass on the LP2 is pretty amazing. It’s really deep and powerful without being too overbearing. It doesn’t drown out the highs.

On top of the sound, a great part of V-MODA’s is their customization. You can get different side plates and different cushions. These change the look of the headphones completely. This turns the pair of headphones into more of a fashion statement if you are into that.

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Sony XB950B1- $198.00

This remains one of my favorite headphones for bass. Sony has always been great with products like this and now this particular model is coming into popularity across the music industry. This pair is the big new popular headphones for 2017. Everybody is picking up a pair. The audio is super clear, and the bass is amazing even before you hit the bass boost switch. With that switch, soft thumps turn to blasts in your ears.

Another thing is the comfort that this pair boasts. You could even see from the picture how massive those cushions are. I’ve worn these for hours on end with no discomfort. The only issue is that these headphones have been known to crack and break along the band, so I would invest in the warranty or just be very careful with them.

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Beats Solo3- $219.00

You can’t really have a bass-heavy list without placing some pair of beats in there somewhere. Beats headphones and bass are simply synonymous. It’s obvious that the main focus of the company is bass, so you know that you are getting the top tier. It’s not like these headphones are extremely popular for no reason.

I’m sure I don’t have to go into details as most people have heard beats before. This particular model is extremely fashionable and portable while still offering great bass. The hype speaks for itself.

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Bose QuietComfort 35- $349.00

This is the most expensive pair of headphones on this list, but it’s for good reason. These headphones are simply amazing. I can’t stress how great the sound is. Bass is so deep and powerful, but it doesn’t drown out the melody at all. You could listen to any genre and here full sound and deep bass.

The QuietComfort series are all great pairs, but the 35’s are just so dang amazing. If you have the budget for them, This is definitely the route I suggest going.

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Cowin E-7- $69.99

On the other end of the spectrum, we have a great pair of budget headphones in the Cowin E-7. Don’t let the price tag fool you on this pair of great bass headphones. So many aspiring musicians use this pair because of its cheap nature and great full sound. Not many other pairs at this level are this great.

The Cowins are comfortable, portable, Bluetooth, and great for recording. If you are tight on money, this is definitely the pair you should get. You will not be dissapointed for 70 bucks.

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